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Antony Squizzato

France • Contemporary Artist

Antony Squizzato, a celebrated artist nestled in France's scenic Auvergne region, embarked on a transformative artistic journey in 2014. After 15 successful years in digital advertising as a creative manager, Squizzato felt constrained and craved artistic freedom. This led him to pursue full-time painting and freelance art direction, giving rise to his unique 'Neue Constructivism' style.

From 1999 to 2014, Squizzato thrived as an associate creative director at Periscope, leading projects across various sectors including automotive, entertainment, industry, NGOs, and luxury fashion. He was a pioneer in the early days of digital design, with skills in motion graphics, illustration, art direction, font design, 3D modeling, and gaming.

Now, Squizzato's work breaks conventional boundaries. He divides his time between studio creations, art direction at a prestigious ad agency, engaging in street art projects, and creating visuals for top international agencies. His innovative approach blends abstraction and minimalism, combining traditional painting with modern digital and new media techniques to create a blend of classical elegance and contemporary innovation. His artwork, recognized and revered worldwide, has been featured in leading publications such as IdN, Vogue, Pictoplasma, 3X3 Mag, Jazz Magazine, Freshpaint Mag, and Elle Hong Kong, captivating a global audience with its enduring charm and deep significance.