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Belart Gallery

Discover a world of creativity and expression at Belart Gallery, located in the heart of Brussels. Our gallery is a dynamic hub that celebrates the fusion of art and innovation, showcasing both emerging talents and established artists across a diverse spectrum of styles including pop art, street art, and abstract art.

At Belart Gallery, we take pride in curating a collection that features a harmonious blend of emerging talents and established maestros. This juxtaposition of perspectives creates a stimulating environment that sparks conversations and redefines artistic norms.

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Beyond being a space to admire art, Belart Gallery is a place to engage with creativity. Our exhibitions are carefully curated to immerse visitors in an artistic journey, inviting them to delve into the stories behind each piece. We also organize workshops, talks, and events that foster dialogue between artists, collectors, and enthusiasts.

We invite art lovers, collectors, and curious minds to join us at Belart Gallery and experience art in its myriad forms. Our gallery is more than a physical space; it's a haven for those who seek inspiration and a deeper connection with the creative world.

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