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About the artist

David Lurkin was born in 1985. He has always painted. Self-taught, he learned the techniques on his own by trying several things: oil, acrylic, ink, etc.

Painting is a way of life for the artist. He began to make himself known in 2018 in his region (Liège, Belgium) with a few exhibitions, then in France and Belgium by exhibiting in several galleries.

David Lurkin has several universes, mainly centered on portraits that come from his imagination and to which he gives the names of stars as well as portraits in tribute to great references in painting such as La Jeune fille à la Perle, Magritte, Picasso, Mona Lisa, etc. He also takes the characters of the comic strip into a universe that is sometimes pop and sometimes street according to his ideas of the moment and according to his creations.

His universe is pop and street by mixing paint, stencil and graffiti.

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