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Pop art is more than just bright colors and comic book style, it is about celebrating modern life. Incorporating this dynamic art movement into your home decor is simple. Whether you have a large living space or a small home office, pop art can be used to create a focal point and to add intrigue to your interiors.

Pop Art ideas for your interior

Are you a fan of a pop art painting or poster of pop art however you're not sure which way to present the piece? Discover ideas to give your home a look that's contemporary and bold by incorporating pop art decor.

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Kelly Hanczyk


Purchased two original...
Purchased two original paintings from Belart Gallery. They made the experience seamless. Packing and delivery was excellent all the way to Canada. Would definitely recommend.

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Our selected Pop Artists

Get to know the artists behind these masterpieces of Pop Art and explore their entire collections. Own authentic originals and signed paintings with their official Certificate of Authenticity, secure purchase and worldwide shipping.