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Paco Roum

France • Contemporary Artist

Paco Roum was born in Fontainebleau, France and stands out as an artist who defies conventional categorization. Eschewing conventional arts education methods in favor of creating his own distinctive artistic journey that has made an indelible mark on modern art history. Roum uses acrylic paints, aerosol cans and various inks in his artistic practice to cover unconventional surfaces like Plexiglass and Aluminum surfaces with skill.

Roum's artistic method is both innovative and diverse, employing numerous techniques that enable him to explore tangible aspects of emotions through art. His large-scale works amplify their expressive power while providing meticulous details in every stroke for perfect execution of each stroke and gaze captured; his profound expressive gazes he captures are one of its hallmarks; each piece engages viewers on multiple sensory levels at the same time.

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