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Top Landscape Artists in Modern and Contemporary Art

Landscape artists have long depicted scenes from nature. This genre of art includes all forms of earthly scenery ranging from rolling hills and meadows to mountains and the seaside, often taking precedence over human figures that often serve only as background features.

From Enrique Martinez Celaya's melancholy landscapes to David Hockney's groundbreaking combination of pop art and abstract expressionism, these selection of artists have advanced landscape painting with innovative techniques and powerful messages. These icons of modern and contemporary art serve as examples to others while inspiring many to realize their own creative potential.

1. Michael Stoyanov

Michael Stoyanov creates landscape paintings that pay a thoughtful tribute to Australia's bush, as well as miniature scenes in Altoid tins.

2.Julia Purinton

Julia Purinton is a fine artist and muralist who seamlessly marries the bustling energies of urban Washington DC with the peaceful pastoral settings of her Vermont village in her vibrant landscape paintings. Employing oils, acrylics, venetian plaster and glaze for her artworks reminiscent of those created by William Turner, John Singer Sargent or Brandywine River School artists among others whose images she admires - many layers of glaze create atmospheric moods within each of Julia Purinton's landscape paintings.

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3.Georgia Wilhelm

Wilhelm is known for her groundbreaking visual interpretations of nature that continue to influence viewers and artists today. These themes inspired Georgia O'Keeffe throughout her remarkable life as an artist renowned for her use of flowers, vivid hues, and desert landscapes as subjects. Her legacy lives on in her revolutionary ways of showing the world to viewers and artists alike.

4.Dmitry Oleyn

Dmitry Oleyn's oil paintings demonstrate strong Impressionist influence while Felix Burgos uses hard-edge acrylic paints to evoke light in his monochromatic snowscapes.

Joel Reeves at Atlanta College of Art, Joseph Perrin at GSU and Lamar Dodd at UGA have recruited talented modern and contemporary artists into their faculty ranks who are helping to shape Georgia's landscape of contemporary art.

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5.April Gornik

April Gornik's picturesque depictions of skies and waterways would look beautiful in an industrial space or modern art gallery.

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6. Brigitte Di Scala

Brigitte Di Scala, a French artist, creates dreamlike landscapes that combine impressionism and surrealism. Her vibrant paintings use delicate brush strokes and vibrant colors to evoke feelings of freedom and lightness - work that has gained international exposure and is held in private collections worldwide.

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7.Clair Bremner

Clair Bremner is an award-winning artist whose artwork draws its inspiration from nature and color. Since 2013, she has been working full-time as an artist. Clair resides in Yarra Valley - known for its scenic natural surroundings and wildlife - where her artistic practice flourishes.

She creates works that are expressive and imaginative with a painterly technique and whimsical touches.

8.Wayne Thiebaud

Wayne Thiebaud is an award-winning former commercial artist known for his exceptional ability in painting common objects and landscapes with oil paint and smooth line work. By turning mundane subjects into modern masterpieces using his signature palette of blues, reds, and greens - creating depth and mystery within each painting he produces.

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American landscapes

Top landscape artists showcase the natural splendor of American landscapes as well as its intricate ecosystems through unique perspectives on nature. Capturing snow-capped mountains or exploring personal themes - their works demonstrate the lasting power and influence of landscape art genre.

Contemporary artists continue to reinterpret landscape paintings through their individual perspectives and innovative techniques, adding fresh vitality to this ancient tradition - exploring topics ranging from climate change to virtual spaces.


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