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Jazzu in a world full of imagination

Portrait de Jazzu
Portrait of Jazzu

Jazzu, a French artist, uses painting as an outlet for his emotions. Guided by music that resonates in his workshop, for 15 years now he has used canvas as his medium of expression.

His raw emotions drive the canvases he creates that reflect what has now become known as Art Brut. His artwork has been shown at galleries in Paris, Deauville and Barcelona.

Jazzu's paintings draw upon his surroundings for inspiration; yet his art seems independent from influences or currents or codes. Working instinctively and without prior planning results in breathtaking art pieces that speak for themselves. Jazzu's painting could be described as primitive with sensuous textures incorporating textural qualities and even epidermal components - creating stunning works like his.

Sous les petits détails de la vie | 114 x 195 cm
Sous les petits détails de la vie | 114 x 195 cm

His art is driven by raw emotion - sometimes termed Art Brut - while Miles Davis music could make one cry or laugh while Sartre defined monsters created out of our regrets and childhood memories.

Échapper au quotidien | In situ 114 x 146 cm
Échapper au quotidien | In situ 114 x 146 cm

Jazzu follows new trends perfectly, drawing inspiration from various sources such as psychology and pressing social issues to craft his unique style that captures imaginations while invoking feelings that can only be experienced as children.

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