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Portrait of Nikolaos Schizas Abstract Artist

Nikolaos Schizas

Spain • Abstract Artist

Nikolaos Schizas is an esteemed self-taught painter based out of Barcelona who has become known for his vibrant abstract paintings strewn with vibrant splashes of color that create movement and fluidity in each painting. Schizas' art stems from an exploration of unconscious feelings and suppressed emotions; each work represents an intense journey into human psyche with rich color palettes reflecting intricate emotional layers. His pieces offer vivid insight into human emotion while providing vibrant illumination of its complexity through vivid yet expressive paintings that render emotion through vibrant works rendered vibrant colors that reveal complex emotional depths through bold and expressive color palettes.

Schizas' technique employs an eclectic mixture of materials spanning acrylics, spray paint and resin as part of his art practice. He often employs spraying, pouring or dripping directly onto canvas as well as traditional brushes or unconventional tools such as spatulas to apply his paint - this allows him to produce gestural marks which add emotional texture while at the same time showing his natural love of materiality of paint and an intuitive appreciation for emotionally charged hue relationships in his pieces.

Schizas' artistic style stands at the intersection of Abstract Expressionism, Surrealism and Pop Art. His paintings often seeming to emanate from some magical realm, yet capture their essence while providing a contemporary take. Schizas is widely acknowledged for being an influential figure within contemporary abstract painting as his distinctive style has defined both his career as well as placed him among its ranks - his paintings continue to draw in collectors who admire how powerfully Schizas captures complex emotions into visually arresting abstract representations.

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