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Make art a part of your business.

BelArt Gallery assists you in building and financing your contemporary art collection. Our lease-purchase option offers customizable monthly payments over a period of 13 to 48 months and also provides tax benefits.

All-inclusive service

We offer a comprehensive range of services that will allow you to fully enjoy your artistic experience.


Our advisors will assist you in identifying and acquiring artworks that match your personal preferences and business objectives.


We draft the agreement, verify, and secure the agreement through our partner bank.


Nous coordonnons le transport et l'installation des œuvres d'art. Vous effectuez les mensualités à la banque et profitez de votre nouvelle acquisition !


1/ Reduction of the tax result.

We coordinate the transportation and installation of artworks. You make the monthly payments to the bank and enjoy your new acquisition!

2/ Limited risks

The lease-purchase agreement allows you to maintain your borrowing capacity as it is considered a rental expense.

3/ Customized options

You can allocate your payments as you wish over a period of 13 to 48 months. At the end of the contract period, enhance your company's assets by simply making the residual value payment equal to 3% of the amount paid.


1/ Infuse Art into your corporate interior

Enhance your brand image. The perception presented to your clients and partners is favorable, and your staff is motivated.

2/ Avantages culturels

Promote creativity and reduce employee stress by creating a tranquil and positive work environment through the incorporation of art.


of authenticity



International delivery

Easy return

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