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Agnès Tiollier

France • Abstract Artist

Agnès Tiollier has always found her sanctuary in art, a passion passed down through generations of creative kin. From her youth, nature walks with her grandfather unveiled a universe filled with wonders, fueling a deep-seated curiosity that has guided her life and work.

Opting for a path in Applied Arts, Agnès developed a unique artistic voice. Her paintings, alive with vibrant colors and the play of light, demonstrate her profound love for nature. Specializing in flower art and scenic landscape paintings, she extends an invitation to viewers to partake in her delight of exploration and revelation.

Her paintings are more than mere depictions; they are heartfelt tributes to the natural world. Every stroke on the canvas is charged with intensity, mirroring her profound bond with the environment. Agnès’s work celebrates life's simple pleasures, opening a window to the inherent beauty of our world.