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Caro Graffiti

France • Pop Art Artist

Carole Belurier, better known by her nickname Caro Graffiti, has integrated drawing into her daily life from an early age. A self-taught artist, Carole first took up tattooing as an outlet in 2015. Carole found tattooing immensely fulfilling; as tattooing can provide permanent artworks which people would carry around forever; later that same year however she ventured into graffiti art - which proved profoundly transformative when coupled with Covid crisis's stress on personal fulfillment and social connection that Carole found abundantly present within her practice!

Carole's work is now widely recognized both within France and internationally, featuring exhibitions that display her vibrant, colorful work. Represented by Belart Gallery in Belgium, Carole has begun making waves around Paris by turning city walls into canvases for her vibrant paintings - drawing inspiration from sources as varied as Tim Burton films, street encounters, photographs taken of passerby or overheard conversations as she works her art on city walls! Carole is truly living out her passion through vibrant creations like no one else can. Her art offers joyously vibrant journey into creativity!

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