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France • Street Artist

Dimitri Barilko, better known by his art name FAT, found inspiration for his artistic endeavors among Paris' vibrant underbelly and daily commuters. Born 1991 on these bustling streets of Paris, FAT first discovered photography before honing his skills at Brassai High School for Visual Storytelling; these experiences laid down a firm foundation in visual storytelling which ultimately propelled his successful art career.

Since his introduction to painting in Paris in the early 2000s, FAT has quickly established himself as an engaging member of its vibrant street art scene, engaging with peers such as Fast. Beginning by focusing on lettering, soon afterwards FAT also combined photography skills and painting abilities into unique visual expression. His works capture childhood memories woven together with urban aesthetics using aerosol paints, acrylics and posca pens as his medium of choice.

FAT's art transforms the mundane into the magical, turning Parisian subway corridors into canvases of nostalgia and discovery. Each piece serves as a portal back into time - Tom & Jerry at Villiers station or Porky Pig at Vincennes create joyous conversations in everyday settings - thus infusing daily commutes with playful adventures that spark joy as well as memories cherished over years - cementing his place among contemporary urban art.

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