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The most famous paintings of Jesus in History

Hello art enthusiasts and cosmic thrill-seekers! Join us this time as we go beyond simply browsing galleries of art; instead we immerse you in an epic carnival painted in the style of Old Masters! It will feel just like watching Netflix; each painting becomes its own thrilling episode telling an intriguing tale straight out of an amazing novel! As you dissect and study Jesus paintings - taking breaks to dance perhaps?! Take bites out of delicious snacks you bring, change up hair styles as we let this stunning art marathon begin!

1. Leonardo Da Vinci's Last Supper (1495-1498)

Leonardo Da Vinci's masterpiece "The Last Supper" goes far beyond mere illustration - it captures biblical meal events as they unfolded - including Jesus dropping an explosive bomb and one of His followers about to commit divine theft! Da Vinci captured that perfect "gotcha!" moment perfectly on canvas!

2. Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel Ceiling - 1601

Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel Ceiling is more than just an ordinary ceiling: It tells an epic biblical tale in high definition paintwork - making it one of the world's most revered paintings of Jesus and one of its most celebrated artworks. Imagine watching 13 meters tall screen that projects Bible passages such as creation as well as temptation or amazing David Vs Goliath battle! Michelangelo did more than draw this celestial cinematic masterpiece but also directed it himself - which makes him part of his world renowned collection!

3. Michelangelo's Last Judgment (1536–1541)

Michelangelo returned with "The Last Judgment," the ultimate conclusion to heavenly reality series. Michelangelo depicted this event to represent Christ's Second Coming; its glory outdid Marvel movies by far. Souls rose and fell, or perhaps an ethereal red carpet was set out for saints who behaved themselves most nicely - Michelangelo more than simply sketched, but choreographed the most stunning cosmic dance!

4. Resurrection Piero of Francesca (1463 - 1465)

Location Pinacoteca Comunale di Sansepolcro Piero della Francesca's masterpiece "The Resurrection" captures Jesus performing one of his amazing magic tricks - to capture it mathematically with mathematical precision is something special, like witnessing one of history's great cosmic escapes - Jesus freeing himself from death chains! In doing this feat of art as performance art Piero displayed more than drawing but also made stunning Houdini feats with incredible agility!

5. Caravaggio's Supper at Emmaus - 1601

Caravaggio's painting "The Christ's Supper in Emmaus" can be described as Jesus' grand reveal with dramatic chiaroscuro effects. Disciples are discussing when suddenly Jesus appears and says: "Surprise! It's me!" Caravaggio was probably given access to celestial lights by depicting it like this and it surely makes this painting one of the top 10 paintings depicting him! This masterpiece deserves its place among such famed artwork depicting him!

6. Salvador Dali's Christ of Saint John of the Cross - 1951

Salvador Dali's "Christ of Saint John of the Cross" is an incredible interpretation of an age-old classic; featuring Jesus crucified but with an unusual flair. Imagine what would it look like if Salvador Dali directed an alien blockbuster! Hypercubes combine with Jesus crucified so disturbingly it might need an acupuncturist after viewing this masterpiece! Dali not only depicted him and his disciples on canvas; he also staged an unnerving party within.

7. Caravaggio's The Incredulity of Saint Thomas (1601-1602)

Caravaggio's "The Incredulity of Saint Thomas" is an incredible celestial CSI episode depicted through Thomas who doubts Jesus as well as playing Jesus himself at a celestial murder scene with mesmerising lighting play by Caravaggio himself as divine lighting expert; Thomas informs us: he needs more evidence, maybe divine illumination for better investigation." This scene begins as Thomas tells us "I need additional proof and possibly divine illumination!"

8. The Transfiguration (Raphael) - 1520

"The Transfiguration" by Raphael depicts Jesus being transformed by divine light into something beyond belief on Mount Tabor; his apostles exclaim, "Whoa!" when seeing how brilliant He looks before and after being transfigured! Raphael must have used incredible technical wizardry in creating such an enthralling double story! You could almost believe they had access to cameras up in heaven as this work displays God-sent makeovers but with an exciting, futuristic edge!

9. Crucifixion of Saint Peter by Caravaggio - 1601

Caravaggio's The Crucifixion of Saint Peter" is more than just an image; it serves as the scene from an epic Bible film in which Peter is crucified atop an enormous cross. The image's powerful depictions may cause you to reconsider if cross-insurance coverage exists for yourself, with Peter telling us "I am more than just a fisherman; I am an action hero!" The scene speaks volumes for its time period - almost telling us "I am no ordinary fisherman but an action hero."

10. Lazarus Raising by Rembrandt [Rembrandt's Raising of Lazarus (1630-1632)

Rembrandt's painting "The Raising of Lazarus" transcends mere art; it stands as one of the premier resurrection scenes ever depicted on canvas by Rembrandt himself. Lazarus rises out of his grave after Jesus has provided cosmic wake-up message; Rembrandt captures this incredible event on canvas as Lazarus proclaims to everyone his return - as though saying to us all "I'm back, and Rembrandt caught it all on canvas!"

Who painted famously Jesus?

Leonardo Da Vinci is perhaps best-known for creating one of the world's most well-known depictions of Jesus: his Last Supper masterpiece is undisputedly the best-known depiction in art history of this iconographic figure.

What do you make of Jesus's symbolism? Paul Gauguin painted The Yellow Christ in 1889 - it has long been considered one of the key examples of mythological symbolic artworks depicting Christianity.


Jesus paintings don't only depict images on canvas. Rather, they're pieces from an epic celestial art marathon! Each artist put in their best and transformed biblical stories into artistic masterpieces that continue to impress and inspire viewers today. When gazing upon these paintings remember that you're not simply gazing upon another painting but feasting your eyes upon an amazing feast for eyes; treat yourself and enjoy! So grab yourself some divine popcorn while allow this wonderful celestial art marathon continue onward!