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Saloua Sarhiri

Belgium • Abstract Artist

Saloua Sarhiri, an accomplished artist, creates intricate tapestries of color and form that capture the essence of her life and experiences. Since she was young, Saloua found solace in her mother's studio where the scent of paint filled the air while canvas textures inspired her imagination; further fuelled by museums and galleries in which her father regularly took her for exhibitions that spurred Saloua on to pursue creative discovery as she journeyed down her creative path.

Every morning begins with family life; Saloua effortlessly balances her roles as mother, wife and artist with ease. While her husband oversees school drop off duties in the mornings, Saloua remains busy attending appointments and calls before finally finding herself immersed in creative expression in her studio surrounded by music that fills the air as her brushes dance across canvases representing innermost feelings & emotions that reveal an undying passion for creativity & art!

Saloua Sarhiri's art exemplifies her commitment and love of visual expression. By weaving daily life with artistic passion into works that speak directly to their viewers and explore reality-versus-imagination conflicts, Saloua remains an inspiring figure within contemporary art scene.

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