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France • Pop Art Artist

Tarek Ben Yakhlef, more popularly known by his initials "Tarek", is an esteemed French graffiti artist, illustrator and comic creator. Born in Paris in 1971 and rapidly making waves within urban art communities like Paris he quickly made a mark as an urban graffiti artist at an early age - often creating iconic graffiti works that brought urban art and comic book creation together in exciting new ways. Tarek became internationally acclaimed through his modern, endearing characters who add charm and contemporary character both on city walls as well as on pages created from comic creator Tarek himself.

Tarek's academic foundation in history and art history from Sorbonne served as an ideal platform for his artistic pursuits. At just 20 years old, he published "Paris Tonkar," the inaugural European book dedicated solely to graffiti art; providing taggers with their voice while exploring motivations, artistic approaches, public reception, etc. ; this groundbreaking publication cemented Tarek as an important figure within urban art communities worldwide.

Tarek began using aerosol spray cans to create street art; later expanding his artistic repertoire with photography as well. Photography quickly became his medium of choice, documenting French urban art for audiences around the globe. Furthermore, his unique style led him to success in comic book publication thanks to audiences being mesmerized by his comic books featuring unique storytelling arcs that appealed to Tarek's comic book storytelling techniques - yet his spray cans remained his artistic medium of choice and enabled him to leave an indelible mark worldwide cityscapes everywhere he visited!

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