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France • Outsider Artist

Nep-, born February 6, 1980 in Tours, France is an accomplished artist and street artist currently residing and working in Dreux. His unique artistic style captures characters caught between childhood innocence and adult complexity through depictions with hesitation or slow movements that communicate using crossed out and tremulous words that either whisper silently or burst in happiness, symbolizing human emotions as they change across life stages.

Nep-'s work stands out through its vibrant use of color and unquenchable energy of life that seems irrepressible. His characters captivate viewers emotionally while remaining mysterious despite bright life-affirming hues suggesting deep, hidden vitality - creating his signature tension between fragile forms and vibrant hues, that resonate deeply with all those who encounter his creations.

Nep-'s approach to his art includes an unconventional form of pictorial release akin to what many contemporary artists strive for: He channels infantile energy into imagery that addresses universal inner experiences shared by us all, conveying profound emotional truths with seemingly simple figures and bold colors that captivates viewers as it bridges personal with collective stories through art. His works also invite reflection upon personal journeys and emotions shared across culture through art's power to bridge personal and global narratives.

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