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Daniel Castan

France • Abstract Artist

Daniel Castan was born in Dordogne and quickly demonstrated an exceptional artistic talent since early on in life. Graduating from Bordeaux's School of Fine Arts in 1979, Castan honed his expertise as a graphic designer before eventually starting up his own creative business. Over his long and esteemed career he has partnered with prominent entities such as Unicef, Pierre Balmain, the United Nations Zippo and Polyflamme; each collaboration further evidenced Castan's artistic versatility across diverse platforms.

At 40, Castan rekindled his passion for painting by immersing himself into the exhilarating world of artistic expression. This reinvigorated love led to him exploring vast territories of creativity - especially at 48 when, driven by his fierce desire to follow his dreams and fully commit his artistic endeavours, Castan made the bold decision to forgo a successful career and dedicate himself solely to art. This bold move opened a whole new chapter where his artistic efforts could blossom fully.

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