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Martine Fauve Dechavanne

France • Contemporary Artist

Martine Fauve Dechavanne, is an outstanding French painter born in 1955. Self-taught and self-taught herself, Fauve developed her artistic expression through reading and constant practice of painting and drawing. Beginning her journey using watercolors initially before branching off into other media such as acrylic paint, ink pen art and collage in 1997 - her journey as an artist had begun!

Georges Roget, her art mentor who introduced her to more advanced ideas of art, helped Fauve deepen her understanding and refine her abilities as she studied under him. By 2000 she made the decision to devote all her effort and passion to painting; Fauve's portfolio boasts vibrant landscapes and portraits which depict daily events while imparting feelings of celebration and happiness on every canvas she created.

She draws her artistic style inspiration from Fauvism movement, adopting it herself for her artwork style. Her paintings celebrate light and color evocative of Fauvist's determination towards expressionism vividly reminiscent of its pioneering artistic movement. But as a contemporary Fauvist artist her paintings not only pay homage to this aesthetic style; she adds her own modern interpretation which make her influential figure within contemporary art world. Devoted to Fauvism and art world remains source of motivation to both emerging as well as established artists alike - throughout her long career she dedicated herself fervorly studying form and color studies of which forms.

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