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France • Street Art Artist

Jules Dedet, better known by his moniker L'Atlas, is an award-winning French street artist born in 1978 who gained wide renown for combining ancient calligraphic aesthetics with contemporary street aesthetics. Moving away from conventional academic studies in order to devote himself to Arabic calligraphy in Morocco and Egypt under revered masters - leaving behind art history courses behind and engaging with that artform instead - became his foundational education path resulting in his signature artistic style that blends precise line work, minimal color schemes with philosophical undertones of dualism reflecting Asian ideals of balance and complementarity.

L'Atlas used his knowledge from abroad to adapt traditional techniques he honed on travels back home using materials like tape and spray paint for contemporary urban canvas art pieces, often employing stark black/white contrasts that invite viewers into visual and conceptual complexities; his pieces often included hidden words or phrases, paying homage to calligraphy while pushing viewers toward uncovering deeper meanings within each work of art he made.