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France • Abstract Artist

Jonas Bournat, more commonly known by his pseudonym Sun7, is an award-winning French urban artist renowned for his dynamic works that have garnered international acclaim. Born to a resistance fighter father and psychoanalyst mother who nurtured imagination and intellectual curiosity in their young children, Sun7 spent much of his childhood traveling across Africa and America before experiencing New York graffiti scene at age 13. Deeply fascinated with street art's vibrant world he dedicated his life to creative expression through street art.

Sun7 currently divides his time between Paris and Abidjan in Cote d'Ivoire for various projects and travels extensively for his art. He draws inspiration from diverse cultural landscapes he encounters while engaging with artistic scenes worldwide and drawing strength from social and cultural exchanges that define nomadic life - experiences which shine through in his art which seamlessly blend elements from different cultures into his pieces.

Sun7's artistic style fuses action painting, Arabic calligraphy and Latin tattooing in an eye-catching combination of action painting, Arabic calligraphy and Latin tattooing. His creations center around words, letters and calligraphy that weave images and text together harmoniously - poetry at its center; his art can be seen throughout major metropolises infusing streets with vibrant poetry-infused art pieces that adorn canvases metal panels or panels as visually striking works by Sun7 whose ability to blend traditional calligraphy with contemporary street art has established him as an authoritative figure on urban art scene scene today.

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