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James Chiew Art

James Chiew

Netherlands • Contemporary Artist

James Chiew is not limited to any one medium for his creative expression. Beginning in 2005, his artistic repertoire expanded from graphic design and photography into photography of products, food, culinary photography and model shoots before venturing into model shoots in 2009. But in 2009 his true artistic spirit came to the fore and led his career into painting and sculpture where his pieces become identifiable for their graphic quality and often featuring oriental flourishes that further deepen and allure them.

James Chiew's art captures our imagination through vibrant colors, distinct shapes and emotive text. Not merely decorative objects, his pieces transcend mere aesthetic value to elevate any room they occupy to a higher level of perception and experience. Chiew's sculptures or paintings represent his philosophy "If you don't like what you see... create it yourself". His pieces showcase this belief through vibrant hues, distinct shapes and insightful text which engage viewers' senses with fresh perspectives through his meticulous attention to color and technique.

Chiew's bold colors and dynamic images captivate and thrill, making his work highly desirable in corporate art circles. Each James Chiew sculpture or painting provides an escape from reality; an invitation into another realm. His ability to alter perceptions while inviting onlookers into visually stimulating environments has cemented his place as one of the foremost figures of contemporary art renowned for generating excitement, emotion, transformational experiences and eye opening art forms.

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