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Patricia Gadisseur

Patricia Gadisseur

France • Pop Art Artist

Patricia Gadisseur is an esteemed artist renowned for creating paintings which capture stolen moments that escape us so easily, turning fleeting moments into everlasting symbols, signs, or codes inscribed into her art. Each of her pieces offers viewers a window into Patricia's inner life.

Gadisseur's technique expertly merges painting and collage, using collaged collages of photographs, photographs of Gadisseur himself, words snippets from our memories as persistent elements in her paintings, which appear like persistent elements from memory - sometimes obscured by layers of paint, to emphasize this fragmented quality of memory and symbolize how spontaneous memories may emerge if one allows oneself to remember unbidden. Her paintings seem autonomously driven - symbolizing memory's unpredictable nature or unconscious recall which are unbidden recall.

Patricia Gadisseur studied plastic arts and graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts of Namur. While exploring various techniques and subjects, Patricia eventually found her true artistic voice: abstraction. After exploring various techniques and subjects, Patricia finally settled upon abstraction as her artistic signature; this way she could capture not just aesthetics, but harmony, contrasts, energy as well as redefine beauty through collage blending works that emphasize interplay of elements with energy conveyed from each. Through her art Patricia offers us unique perspectives into memory loss as well as dreams with long-lasting power; Gadisseur offers us unique perspectives into both.

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