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Leyto Art


France • Abstract Artist

Oulwen "Leyto" Mahe is an emerging force on the contemporary art scene, having emerged out of Breton graffiti culture of late 90s France. Leyto's artistic practice extends far beyond traditional canvases; reaching urban landscape walls, abandoned industrial sites and other locations where his creative spirit finds expression. Leyto integrates graffiti's spontaneity with fine art precision; each location becomes testament of Leyto's unique combination of street art and abstract expressionism.

From intricate abstract canvases to grandiose wall murals, Leyto's work transports viewers into an expressionist world in which color and line fuse to tell an emotive narrative as much as decorate. His pieces offer both visual feast and complex dialogue for viewers as they discover texture, form, light playbacks, shadow effects. As Leyto continues his push beyond street art into public and fine art realms alike, his pieces remain vibrant tributes both to their roots while charting an artistic path that continues expanding outward from both environments.