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lahcen iwi

Lahcen Iwi

Morocco • Sculptor

Lahcen Iwi has made waves in the art world for his extraordinary sculptures made out of tires discarded from vehicles such as tractor tires to inner tubes repurposed as art. Operating under his philosophy that no material is too mundane to become art forms, Lahcen has perfected his art of turning ordinary materials such as tires into works of beauty that capture people's eye and make stunning statements about art itself.

Lahcen Iwi's sculptures not only visually stunning, but they also send out a profound message about recycling and sustainability. His ability to see artistic potential even in seemingly ordinary materials forces viewers to reconsider waste as beauty. Exhibited around the globe at galleries and installations worldwide, his pieces attract notice for both their aesthetic appeal and environmental concern - his works standout among contemporary art scenes thanks to both their eye-catching appeal and commitment towards eco-friendly practices. Lahcen Iwi stands out as an innovative artist committed towards sustainable art practices while creating his distinctive artistry and commitment which make him standout among contemporary artists for both these qualities in equal measures!

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