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Coming from the graffiti world of the 90′s, LEYTO, spreads his creations just as well on canvas as on city walls, abandoned industrial sites and factories and other forms that cross his path.

Fascinated by signs and symbols, he seeks to disobey the graffiti codes to elaborate his own graphic system. His sensitive and instinctive writing is born from “tags”, “flops” and “throw-ups” made on the streets; three emblematic disciplines of graffiti combining dexterity and rapidity of execution which have always stimulated his imagination.

Later, enriched by his inspirations such as Pollock, De Kooning, Alechinsky or Dotremont, this writing, liberated from lettering systems, is improvised little by little so that it builds upon itself and mutates in a lyrical abstraction structured by spiky or rounded shapes, sometimes violent, always poetic.

From his very colorful abstract paintings to his large wall frescoes, he invites us to enter an expressionist universe where color supports line which writes as much as it draws.

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